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Spine Doctor | Dr. Saurabh Kapoor


Spine surgical procedure in itself does not require patients to be confined to bed. With adequate pain relief and physiotherapy, most patients are able to mobilise out of bed the same day evening or the next day morning.

Patients have typically prescribed pain medications and physical therapy programmes to help them get back to activities of daily living as early as possible. The patient is seen in an outpatient clinic 7-10 days after surgery for a wound inspection. At least one more appointment (it can be 2 depending on surgery type) is given before the patient is finally discharged.

Most patients can resume low demand jobs within 4-6 weeks after a microdiscectomy procedure. For activities involving a heavy workload, a longer period of muscle strengthening and physiotherapy may be required

Continue to have trust in your surgeon. Your surgeon will explain to you the nature of complication in detail. Most complications are manageable and with correct treatment most patients will recover to expected functional outcome.