Is Spine Surgery Safe?

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Is Spine Surgery Safe?

Spine Surgery is offered to patients if all other non-surgical options have failed or in emergent situations when Patients can have irreversible nerve damage without surgery. Spine Surgery has been shown to have many benefits in well-selected patients, which can be potentially life-changing. These include:

  • Improved mobility from pain relief
  • Reduced requirement of pain medication
  • Better mood
  • Return to employment
  • Overall better quality of life

Spine Surgery is also fraught with potential complications. However, in good hands and with modern equipment/drugs, these are minimal and usually manageable. These include

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Reactions to Anesthetic drugs
  • Dural tears ( tear in protective covering around nerves which are repaired by the surgeon and require 24-48 hours of bed rest)
  • Nerve damage, extremely rare, with incidence <1%

We’ve presented you with numerous aspects of spine surgery so you can make an informed decision. Before making a decision, it’s a good idea to get multiple opinions on the subject. Standardization of spinal treatment protocols will eventually make the entire process easier.

All procedures involve risks, but the trade-off is a pain-free life with fewer difficulties that interfere with your regular activities. Irrationality may not have a negative impact on your quality of life…

Your surgeon will discuss these in detail and gain your confidence before you consent to Surgery.