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Kyphosis Correction

Fast facts on Kyphosis Correction:
  • Kyphosis is front to back angulation of the spine.
  • Focal kyphosis results in a localised deformity which can cause local pain, unsightly appearance and rarely neurological deficits
  • Global kyphosis (Scheuermann’s disease) in teenagers is a common presentation
  • Surgical treatment aims at correcting the deformity within safety limits and achieving well balanced and fused spine
What is Kyphosis Correction?

The abnormal rounding of the upper back is known as kyphosis. It is a very frequent condition that strikes around youth or early adulthood. It seems to be normal to have a tiny bend in your upper back. Kyphosis is an abnormally curved spine that can cause pain and long-term health problems. Kyphosis can be caused by poor posture, spinal abnormalities, or age-related weakness.


A forward curve in the upper portion of the spine is the major symptom of kyphosis. The upper back seems bent over, and the shoulders are rounded forward. The spinal curve is not always visible in mild cases. In other cases, a person might look to be bending forward.

Cervical Myelopathy/Stenosis
Cervical Myelopathy/Stenosis

A 38-year-old labourer with a previous history of trauma to the spine and persistent pain due to focal kyphosis. MRI showed herniated disc fragment and chronic non-union. He was operated on with the placement of the cage through costotransversectomy and screw fixation. He achieved solid fusion and was back to heavy manual labour after 6 months