Spinal Tumours

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Spinal Tumours

Fast facts :
  • Most of this tumours are spread from cancer elsewhere in the body.
  • They can cause disabling back pain, instability and limb weakness
  • A surgical procedure inappropriate candidates helps improve their quality of life
What is Spinal Tumours?

It is an unnatural lump of flesh within or surrounding the spinal cord and/or spinal column. These cells expand and multiply uncontrollably, ignorant to the systems that keep regular cells in check. They are classified as benign (non-cancerous) or aggressive (cancerous) (cancerous). Primary tumours arise in the spine or spinal cord, while metastatic or secondary tumours arise when cancer spreads to the spine from another location.

Lung, breast, and prostate cancers are the most common primary malignancies to spread to the spine. In men, lung cancer is the most prevalent cancer that spreads to the bones, whereas in women, breast cancer is the most common. Multiple myeloma, lymphoma, melanoma, and sarcoma, as well as malignancies of the gastrointestinal system, kidney, and thyroid, can all travel to the spine.

Cervical Myelopathy/Stenosis

A 71-year-old male with metastatic spinal cord compression from hematologic malignancy presented with weakness in legs and back pain. Urgently operated with decompression and stabilization. Postoperatively experienced almost complete resolution of symptoms